Hope’s Wallet

My daughter Hope is wise. She has a way with words at 5 years old (6 this week). She’s a daddy’s girl but for some reason now, she showers me with more hugs & kisses. I love it. I receive em in the name of Jesus! Daddy gave her one of his old wallets. Hope already asks for money daily on the way to school. Always on the come up that girl. Well now her wallet is empty & something just isn’t right about that to her.

One day driving to school, I can imagine she’s pondering on the right time to execute her plan to fill her new-used wallet. Her & Peace (brother) say their prayers & listen to music while daddy safely chauffeurs them to higher education. As soon as they arrive she removes her seat belt, slides foward, places her wallet on the arm rest & gives it a gentle pat.

Her dad notices & smiles. He thinks to himself, “This girl is a trip.” She might have said something about money but her actions said it all. I wonder if he regrets giving her that wallet now. Lol! And another thing…if she keeps hitting him up for all the money, what will I have? I have some stuff competition here. They say men melt for their daughters. I think they’re right! Works my nerves at times but I’d rather him be a caring father than absent.

But Hope wasn’t having it about her wallet from daddy. The teacher tried to tell her that women don’t have wallets. Hope took a strong stance, “My daddy gave me this wallet!” Granted some weeks have passed, I have no idea where this wallet is anymore. But that hasn’t stopped her from slightly turning her head, batting her eyes, sometimes placing a finger on her lip…to ask her daddy for “my” money. That’s truly “my” girl. So how angry can I get that she’s ME?


In another life I’m an X-men


If I could choose 1 super power (really want 2-3), I think I’d roll with invisibility.  Now this is coming from a stand point of make believe.  The things I’m about to say, are questionable and might lead me to hell.  This is make believe ok?!

With my power I would rob banks. I should also be able to walk through walls.  If God says I can’t, I’ll watch the tellers enter combinations, remember and go in behind them or alone.  Also whatever I touch should become invisible too.  That’s fair.  They can’t see money bags floating in the air nah.  And my clothes have to disappear because I don’t want to be naked. Okay I have a feeling that this will turn into a flurry of powers.  Because now I want speed.  I’ll do my best to stick with the original.


I would punch people in the face…more than once. Ha! Yes, more than once.  I would probably spit on them too, right when they getting slick at the mouth.  That’s wrong right?  I know.  Make believe ppl.  Things we “wish” we could do and still make it to heaven.  These are the ppl who throw dirt on my name, lie, try my kids, aggravate me on the job, test me, etc.  I guess I need to be beating up the real bad guys too. The rapist, molesters, bad cops…bad guys & gals in general.  Vengeance is mines!!! Muah, ha, ha, haaaaa!! Not really, it’s the Lord’s.  But remember…make believe ppl.  Stick with me.

I would be able to pass my power to anyone.  My 18 year old would be the 1st.  So she can copy the answers of all her tests from wherever they’re kept.  The big dogs (SAT, ACT and whatever else they’ve created to stump these kids).  I hope she’s mature enough to use this power properly.  I’m such a great example right?

Since I can’t fly (scared of heights anyway but with that power the fear would be gone), I’ll hop a plane and take a empty seat without paying.  I’ll take all the snacks and drinks I want from the cart.  Mind you, I took my first flight ever a few weeks ago.  So I don’t know all the lingo but I do believe that’s a cart they push down the aisle.  When they tell us to stay in our seat, I’ll stand and run down the aisle.  This coming from someone afraid of heights.  I won’t be afraid to look crazy going under the seat to plug my phone charger in.  If my butt’s in someone’s face, they won’t know.  Remember, with invisibility I’ll be intangible.  Hey! This is my desire so it’s a 2-in-1 power. Anyway, they won’t feel me brush up against them until I want them to, hence, the punch in the face.

I would pay for nothing ever again.  I’m robbing banks, so I don’t have to work (I’ll probably still work tho).  I’ll be Robin Hood, and hit up the bad rich folk.  The drug dealers too.  I’ll help ppl with their bills and other needs.  Light, water and sewer, rent, cable, cell, internet, insurance, car note (oh, my new car will be paid for cash) will be paid on time every month, no months in advance.  I’ll be wealthy!  I’ll walk in stores and take what I want.  Food, clothes, tools, etc.  I’ll hit Walmart up baby!  I’m not so into designers but I’ll get a few of them too.  Long as it looks good and fits, it’s mine!

I want another power. Ugh! To think something and it appears or disappears.  If I could think of ppl getting punched in the face and that happens I wouldn’t need to be invisible anymore.  I think I still want the privilege of hitting them though.  But if I had manifesting power, I’d clean up dog pee & poop easily!  Here and then poof, gone!  Some other fun stuff too. But I digress.

With invisibility I’ll still have to be patient with some things.  I’ll still have to wait for my online orders to be delivered.  I won’t rob the Amazon warehouse, lol. I should. But I think invisibility is worth it if I can never be arrested or shot.  And if they trace the stolen money when I use it or something (I don’t have fingerprints), when they come looking for me, they’ll never catch me or be able to cuff me.  They’ll get punched in the face every time.  Maybe kick those nuts too.  I’m trying to limit it to punches but I could do worse with this imagination of mine.  However I have a heart.  As long as I get a little blood from those gums, I’m pleased.  The bad guys probably won’t get mercy though.  I don’t want to be running the rest of my life & starting over either.  Well this is a world where I don’t get caught.

God forgive me for this post…

So what power(s) would you choose?  And what would you do with them?







Experiencing financial spats with the spouse. At one moment I think we’re on one accord and then something goes left. So now we’re at the crossroads, actually been at the crossroads of is this you or the devil? We be ready to say it’s the devil and sometimes  it’s just us. But we have to know the difference. When we begin to walk with Christ and He blesses us with spiritual sight, we will pick up on things.  We have to know what to pray for.  I’m just always binding up spirits  for they are always around. But some stuff is just the individual. We have been  raised a certain way and life is also made us a certain way and those things tend to stick with us. But they don’t work anymore once you unite with another. Some things in us just have to change. Most marriages fail due to finances, lack of communication and sex (infidelity or quality/quantity). For anyone who wants to just jump up and get married you might want to think not once but a million times about it. And ask God about your significant other. Get his “stamp of approval”. Once you are tied to that person you are just that, tied. The word says that when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22). Women, we are a man’s glory (1 Corinthians 11:7). Check this out…our hair is our Glory (1 Corinthians 11:15), lol! All jokes aside…we are to submit one to another. It’s teamwork. Almost every decision is made by the both of you. Now this is the way it should be, is it really tho? One should not enter into a marriage unless they are equally yoked.

spousespouse 2

You need to believe in the same thing. Or else you will experience quarrels in the very near future. If you have not hit those speed bumps yet, get ready they are coming. Especially when children are involved. What kind of school you want them to go to, what religion you want them to have, what color nail polish is appropriate for your little girl, if the dress is too short, that demonic logo can’t be on his shirt, etc. I’m just saying, the way that we have been raised especially religiously, can come with some quirky ideas or ways of living. Do you get what I am trying to say? I had a fellow Christian tell me when I was a little girl that blue nail polish was for prostitutes. That impacted me for years. Granted I still wore this blue nail polish from childhood to adulthood but what she said stuck with me until this day. I did not think I was a prostitute, but it showed me how some people just believe differently religiously. I did not believe that I will go to hell because of this nail polish but I think that was a little harsh to tell me at such a young tender age. I digress. So I do not believe that Christians and Buddhist can have a productive marriage. Doesn’t mean they can’t love each other. Just saying, it’s already hard for 2 Christians to agree all the time. Point blank the Bible says don’t be unequally yoked. They can try but those religions will clash eventually. So back to the money. Paying tithes. People have different ways to paying tithes. Numbers 18:25 speaks about 10%. Now is that 10% of your net or 10% of your gross? I believe that the holy spirit will lead you to all truths. So if you don’t have the Holy Spirit you’re walking blind with your eyes wide open. I do it from my gross. I’ve read that years ago when the taxes were being paid differently that it was okay to pay from the net but now, not so much. Something like that. I can’t remember exactly. I just decided that I’d stick with what we’ve been doing. But once husband and wife have made a decision on how they are going to do things, no one should change the rules without speaking to the other. This will cause problems, a break down in the marriage. Teamwork! For true believers the Bible way is the right way. I’m speaking on what I do and it might not work for everyone else. I seek to please God & not myself. In marriage, you work as 1. Back to the money. It also states that if you don’t pay your tithes, you are robbing God and the curses will begin.


Since you are married, not one but both husband and wife will be cursed. Let’s take it further, the house will be cursed! Whatever blessings that you would have received because you were diligently and rightfully paying your tithes, will no longer be. How bout, you’ll start losing. Not gaining and also losing what you already have acquired! Be careful who you marry. Seriously. God comes first financially. You pay your tithes and then you pay your bills. So if you and your spouse are disagreeing on who comes first, here is another breakdown. Now concerning bills only. If you cannot decide which bill is priority, breakdown . Common sense says that the light bill is more important than a hair-do or a new pair of shoes. But someone out there with strongly disagree. Another breakdown. Learn these things about each other before you tie the knot. Yes, go and get some counseling, you will find yourself disagreeing about things that you never thought you would. But that’s all in life. No marriage is perfect, I don’t care what someone tells you. Remember, they are telling you in part. You cannot listen and watch them for yourselves. So best believe that there are things taking place behind closed doors that people may never share with you. So stop idolizing other people’s lives. Work on your own and pray to God that he helps you. Include him in alllllll things. And at that do not be afraid to share some things, be careful who you share it with though, because your testimony can very well help someone.


That’s where the Holy Spirit comes in again to guide you on who you should speak to. I’m praying that I and my spouse get on one accord so that our home can be blessed beyond measure. To know better and not do a better it is a sin. That is the word. We keep playing with ourselves, justifying our wrongdoing and thinking that God was still bless us. That’s just stupid. He is not a man that he should lie. God does not lie, man does. So if he says he will discipline you for sin, he will do just that. So why don’t we keep playing these games and lying to ourselves. We hate when our children do it. And guess what, we are his children. So here comes the spankings. So might as well boot that toosh up and get ready for those licks because you knew you were doing wrong. And then love God anyway after the whooping. But we have to work together in a marriage and it can be hard when it seems like one is working harder than the other. And at that, we have been working on one thing for so long it’s like when will the change come, do you not get it yet. Just some frustrations, thoughts, feelings, from the mind of a married person. Anyway, take God with you everywhere you go. Pray without ceasing. Pray for yourself and others. Don’t stop. We need the Lord in our day to day decision making. Especially when those decisions affect our futures.