Balance the scale

Too much of something isn’t good (milk, chocolate, excercise, even sex, yea I said it!). Like talking to someone everyday. You end up saying too much. Telling what should stay between you & God. Then you’ll be kicking yourself later & wondering if you talk too much. Hey, we all make mistakes right? Sometimes you gotta pray & stay away from some folk too. You’re not a bad person for doing so. You know that loving from a distance thing? It’s kool. You can’t share everything & you can’t take everyone with you where you go (in life). It’s fine. Even if it’s you “bestie”. Most times it’s those closest who burn you 🔥.
And we be so surprised to find out our lovee’s are hating on us…hard. They let those spirits seep in & don’t rebuke em. Done told em all our secrets. Don’t we feel dumb sometimes?  We live & learn, o-tay? Got to start balancing. Say some, not all. Pray simultaneously as speaking. Asking the holy spirit to guide our tongues. We don’t want to fall into gossip now, do we? None of our words need to be idle, empty, meaningless. Let’s take every opportunity to encourage someone to be better, feel better, do better. Yea we can talk a little about what happened on Scandal. Have a little hee-hee, ha-ha. But ppl are hurting out here. Inspire someone & break off for a bit. We don’t have to say much all the time. Just enough. Because a straw can be stuck in you & all your strength get sucked out and/or you’ll become their human dumpster. Outcome: you’ll be drained and/or acting crazy (not your usual self or worse). Spirits are real honey!

We tend to feel bad when we distance ourselves from others. However it may be necessary. We need time to grow spiritually & it’s hard with distractions. From personal experience I’ll just suggest giving your close ppl a heads up before you fall off the face of the earth. They can feel abandoned. And it may not be personal or it just might be.

Most of us need deliverance from ppl. I sure do. We can’t control each other. We can’t put expectations on each other. We have fleshly moments & fall short. We desire man much but should desire the Lord much more. After all, he is a jealous God. Living in this world doesn’t make us of it. Dare to be different yall! No ppl pleasing. I see I’ll never be able to please everyone no matter how nice & helpful I am. So a God bless you & swift departure is all “some” will receive from me from now on. And that’s okay. I’m finna get to balancing.