My Goooddddd

Jesussssssssss! Whooo he’s good! I tell ya the devil tryin it. Yes indeed he’s tryin it. But he aint gone win. Long as I hold to Jesus.

I’m on the up & up. Taking up wings as an eagle and flying thru this thang. Now I know the enemy’s upset. He should be. I would be too if I was him.

Im taking my stuff back. Uh huh. My mind. Yep. My home. Yep. My kids. Yep. My marriage. Yes suh! My self esteem. Fa sho! My AUTHORITY!!! Glory!!!!! Get back Satan!

Praise is what I do. I’m praising him. I’m stomping on the devil’s head. The word says don’t get weary in well doing. No lie, I gets tired. But the joy of the Lord is my strength. The devil knows if I worry he can have me bound. I’m getting over worrying cuz My God has shown me numerous times that he has my back. So again, why am I still worrying? You tricky, tricky devil you. I see you. Game over, you lose!

Victory is mine. That song speaks volume now in my life for it currently rings true, for real. Old school & all, I feel it in my spirit. Rooted down deep that victory is in fact MINES. Gloryyyyyyyy!!!

This joy that I have the world didn’t give it to me. Thank ya Lord. Nobody but you Lord. Nobody but you. You bought me over! Yesssssssss! All those songs are coming back to me cuz it’s true.

No individual, no substance nor any materialistic item can cause the feeling I have within. It’s HIM! My God. Dats my homie, my ride & die, my provider, my e-ver-rae thang! I serve him for he’s wonderful & magnificent. Who did it? My God did iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt! Whoooo Lordie. Im getting hot. Bubbling over. Hay hay hay haYYY!

You deserve it God! All of me & then some. What I have is his anyway. Who I am is cuz of HIM. I owe him! I owe him. I owe him…


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