Trying to Still have Joy

As soon as I think I’m getting over, here comes another blow. I heard awesome confirmation yesterday & today about my family & finances. And then πŸ’£! Why did I open this water bill for $480! Whyyyyyyyyy! Now I have to retune my brain to the happy/joyful thoughts. This is the rollercoaster of life. Up…down…up…down. 

I had the mail since last week but didn’t open it til today during a happy/joyful period. A period of recollection of how great my God is. I already felt the enemy wanting to take my morale down. And you know what? He knows just how to get us with the same things. I’m the fool to keep letting it work. God has been providing. Although I hate feeling the struggle, he always takes care of me & mine. This is another opportunity to watch God work! And testify of his goodness. If I can just told to the prophesies I’ve heard & to the promises in his word, my thinking will change. My faith must grow cuz I don’t plan on kicking the bucket any time soon. So in this life I’ll persevere until he calls me home. I can’t go on stressed & doubting him. 

I have the victory over this stinking thinking! Water & sewer get their behind me! Also we gots-tuh fix this 🚽 , smh. This is what procrastinating causes. 


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