Hope’s Wallet

My daughter Hope is wise. She has a way with words at 5 years old (6 this week). She’s a daddy’s girl but for some reason now, she showers me with more hugs & kisses. I love it. I receive em in the name of Jesus! Daddy gave her one of his old wallets. Hope already asks for money daily on the way to school. Always on the come up that girl. Well now her wallet is empty & something just isn’t right about that to her.

One day driving to school, I can imagine she’s pondering on the right time to execute her plan to fill her new-used wallet. Her & Peace (brother) say their prayers & listen to music while daddy safely chauffeurs them to higher education. As soon as they arrive she removes her seat belt, slides foward, places her wallet on the arm rest & gives it a gentle pat.

Her dad notices & smiles. He thinks to himself, “This girl is a trip.” She might have said something about money but her actions said it all. I wonder if he regrets giving her that wallet now. Lol! And another thing…if she keeps hitting him up for all the money, what will I have? I have some stuff competition here. They say men melt for their daughters. I think they’re right! Works my nerves at times but I’d rather him be a caring father than absent.

But Hope wasn’t having it about her wallet from daddy. The teacher tried to tell her that women don’t have wallets. Hope took a strong stance, “My daddy gave me this wallet!” Granted some weeks have passed, I have no idea where this wallet is anymore. But that hasn’t stopped her from slightly turning her head, batting her eyes, sometimes placing a finger on her lip…to ask her daddy for “my” money. That’s truly “my” girl. So how angry can I get that she’s ME?


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