Gospel Gangsta

Sitting here talking to the hubster. This dude is a trip. He’s telling me about how he prophesized to the comcast debt collector. He’s a tough one to call too. So beware to any rep’s out there. You’ve been warned. He’ll put on his fake Jamaican accent, start asking you questions & you’ll end up hanging up on him instead of the other way around. Gotta love this dude.

Any who…this particular call went differently. By the time he hung up, the lady was crying & telling him that she needs to pay him instead. Got the woman sobbing at her desk, smh. I guess she had him on speaker which sounds unlawful because he claims her co-workers were shocked too. Maybe he just heard other rep’s in her background, idk. But she was bewildered as to how he knew what she was going through. He said the holy spirit began to reveal her situation & he just opened his mouth. One thing I can say about him, he allows God to use him fearlessly. They even had prayer! I bet she didn’t expect that.

Anyway…we’re not paying them a thang. At least, no time soon that is. God bless!


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