In another life I’m an X-men


If I could choose 1 super power (really want 2-3), I think I’d roll with invisibility.  Now this is coming from a stand point of make believe.  The things I’m about to say, are questionable and might lead me to hell.  This is make believe ok?!

With my power I would rob banks. I should also be able to walk through walls.  If God says I can’t, I’ll watch the tellers enter combinations, remember and go in behind them or alone.  Also whatever I touch should become invisible too.  That’s fair.  They can’t see money bags floating in the air nah.  And my clothes have to disappear because I don’t want to be naked. Okay I have a feeling that this will turn into a flurry of powers.  Because now I want speed.  I’ll do my best to stick with the original.


I would punch people in the face…more than once. Ha! Yes, more than once.  I would probably spit on them too, right when they getting slick at the mouth.  That’s wrong right?  I know.  Make believe ppl.  Things we “wish” we could do and still make it to heaven.  These are the ppl who throw dirt on my name, lie, try my kids, aggravate me on the job, test me, etc.  I guess I need to be beating up the real bad guys too. The rapist, molesters, bad cops…bad guys & gals in general.  Vengeance is mines!!! Muah, ha, ha, haaaaa!! Not really, it’s the Lord’s.  But remember…make believe ppl.  Stick with me.

I would be able to pass my power to anyone.  My 18 year old would be the 1st.  So she can copy the answers of all her tests from wherever they’re kept.  The big dogs (SAT, ACT and whatever else they’ve created to stump these kids).  I hope she’s mature enough to use this power properly.  I’m such a great example right?

Since I can’t fly (scared of heights anyway but with that power the fear would be gone), I’ll hop a plane and take a empty seat without paying.  I’ll take all the snacks and drinks I want from the cart.  Mind you, I took my first flight ever a few weeks ago.  So I don’t know all the lingo but I do believe that’s a cart they push down the aisle.  When they tell us to stay in our seat, I’ll stand and run down the aisle.  This coming from someone afraid of heights.  I won’t be afraid to look crazy going under the seat to plug my phone charger in.  If my butt’s in someone’s face, they won’t know.  Remember, with invisibility I’ll be intangible.  Hey! This is my desire so it’s a 2-in-1 power. Anyway, they won’t feel me brush up against them until I want them to, hence, the punch in the face.

I would pay for nothing ever again.  I’m robbing banks, so I don’t have to work (I’ll probably still work tho).  I’ll be Robin Hood, and hit up the bad rich folk.  The drug dealers too.  I’ll help ppl with their bills and other needs.  Light, water and sewer, rent, cable, cell, internet, insurance, car note (oh, my new car will be paid for cash) will be paid on time every month, no months in advance.  I’ll be wealthy!  I’ll walk in stores and take what I want.  Food, clothes, tools, etc.  I’ll hit Walmart up baby!  I’m not so into designers but I’ll get a few of them too.  Long as it looks good and fits, it’s mine!

I want another power. Ugh! To think something and it appears or disappears.  If I could think of ppl getting punched in the face and that happens I wouldn’t need to be invisible anymore.  I think I still want the privilege of hitting them though.  But if I had manifesting power, I’d clean up dog pee & poop easily!  Here and then poof, gone!  Some other fun stuff too. But I digress.

With invisibility I’ll still have to be patient with some things.  I’ll still have to wait for my online orders to be delivered.  I won’t rob the Amazon warehouse, lol. I should. But I think invisibility is worth it if I can never be arrested or shot.  And if they trace the stolen money when I use it or something (I don’t have fingerprints), when they come looking for me, they’ll never catch me or be able to cuff me.  They’ll get punched in the face every time.  Maybe kick those nuts too.  I’m trying to limit it to punches but I could do worse with this imagination of mine.  However I have a heart.  As long as I get a little blood from those gums, I’m pleased.  The bad guys probably won’t get mercy though.  I don’t want to be running the rest of my life & starting over either.  Well this is a world where I don’t get caught.

God forgive me for this post…

So what power(s) would you choose?  And what would you do with them?






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