Period who, what?!


A miracle! Yesterday (day 4), my period vanished! Granted it was for one day but wow…has never happened.  For the past 3 months I’ve been using Aleve to slow the flow.  It definitely has helped.  I still gear up in case my body  does its own thing.  But I’m very pleased wit the blue pill.  The first day upon onset, I take 2 at once (as close to 500 mg I could get w/out taking a 3rd pill at 225 mg) .  Afterwards, every 6 hours I take 1…for 4-5 days.  I set the alarm on my phone for reminders.  I’m surprised I’m keeping up with it but I’m mainly motivated by keeping my clothes and everything else under me spotless.  Only if I can stick to better eating habits and work-outs.  Well…this is only for a few days out the month. Lol!  Any way, I did ask God yesterday why he didn’t make it more of a light pink than a bright red.  I wasn’t expecting it be dry and invisible.  Either he answered me or the pill is surely working.  Hey, God works through all things.  Now on to today…it came back, and at first, almost a brown, like it was going off early. I’m a 7-8 dayer (today is day 4).  A few minutes later, RED!  But I’m ok with that.  It wasn’t much.  I believe ole’ blue is still in affect.  So maybe it’ll work for others who need it, as I.  I’ve always been a heavy bleeder.  After my last and 5th child, I tied my tubes.  I had about 3 really heavy periods (nonconsecutive) and then it got better.  I thought the opposite would happen, thankfully not so. But still 7-8 days is plenty of time for accidents and I still had a generous flow.  So I went to googling because I heard about ibuprofen.  I ran out of my prescribed ones at 600-800 mg (received for other reasons) and opted to buy Aleve.  They only sell 220 mg in the stores/over the counter.  With Motrin/Advil (ibuprofen) you’ll have to take 800 mg 3 x’s a day (that’s 4 pills each time).  Aleve is a naproxen and less is needed (200-250 mg 4 x’s daily) to get the job done compared to ibuprofen.  I get tired of swallowing pills after a while, so if you do too, Aleve is the way to go.
Update 3-29-17…

My period went off 3 days early. Wow! Day 5 day it was light. The 6, 7 & 8th, nothing at all again. So a 5 day period is better than 8!


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