Chow Mein

Tonight Chow Mein will be served. I don’t know how the younger kids will take it though. My baby girl is quite picky at times. This Tasty recipe calls for sesame oil. This oil, soon as you open it, the smells lights up the room. Smells like burnt vegetable oil. I don’t recall chow mein tasting that way. Hopefully the aroma & taste disintegrates during cooking. Ginger, garlic, black/red pepper, soy sauce & oyster sauce are the other items of seasoning. I smell none of it sadly. Only oil is in my nostrils. I pray I get rave reviews from the household. I don’t have money to just waste. I’ll do my best not to burn anything. The veges are celery, carrots, onions & cabbage. I’m trying my best not to put my own stank (my seasonings) on the meat. I don’t want to lose the oriental feel/taste of it. Oh gee…fingers crossed.

Update (2 days later)…

It was a hit! All the kids and the hubster loved it.  Everyone got seconds except for my husband and oldest child (came home late from work). They wanted more, more, more! Lol! I might do another pot tonight.  I need more veges but have chicken & noodles on deck. I’m just not domestic.  I dread cooking but can do it well.  What’s wrong with me?  I can stay on the pc and ps3 all day. Smh…



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