You listenin’?


I’m tired of talking & there’s no listening going on. Then when it hits the fan, what I previously said comes back at me like I never said it! Ppl love giving advice & can’t take their own. Or repeating to you what you just said. Or coming at you later like you didn’t warn them at all. So what’s the point of speaking when you aren’t being heard. Maybe they have amnesia/selective memory. It’s disheartening when you’ve released thoughts, feelings & concerns to an individual(s) to find out that they didn’t grasp what you were attempting to convey from the beginning. And sometimes you get scolded by them. Ugh!!! Sick of it. Well, don’t ask me jack. Don’t act concerned. Don’t nod your head…if you’re not going to really listen & remember. But God…he doesn’t fail where humans do. Some stuff must stay between him & I. Everyone has their own thing going on, I know (and honestly at times don’t care, I just want to be heard). And our expectations of one another is too high. He (God)never fails. We’ll keep running into the same problem looking for man to understand & pull us out the pit. Looking to the wrong source. And at that, our feelings won’t get hurt so much when leaning on the Lord. He knows how to love & discipline us without leaving damage.


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