Plenty of room in those jeans


I’ve found this show on Netflix, The Great British Baking Show.  And I love it.  What I absolutely don’t love is the hostesses jeans.  They aggravate (pisses me off really) me so much!  They aren’t flattering at all.  Who’s the stylist that said they’ll look good on tv? Reprimand him/her please.  Mary Berry’s pants (81) fit better than the young host’ do.  In America, anyone wearing large, saggy, baggy pants…will be labeled (mainly blacks).  I see in Britain it’s kool.  Maybe my husband needs to move there.  The woman on the end (up above), pants on some episodes are baggy, not only in the back but the front as well!  Whyyyyyyy?????!!!  The other lady, hers just sag like a dudes but they appear to be on her waist.  I don’t think she cares to show curves for she appears to be a masculine woman, get my drift?  Nevertheless, I love this show.  I’m on season 2 and guess what?  On the first epi, home-girl’s pants fit!  And she has nice legs. Whoa (in my Joey from Blossom voice). Who wudda thought, lol!

He’s gorgeous right? I digress…👇



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