‘A’ Game

woman desk

I love when I’m on my ‘A’ game at work.  The juices are flowing and I’m unstoppable!  I’m incredibly focused and on point.  I love it!  I thrive on organization.  However there can be moments madness and I certainly have my methods.  It’s all good.  My phone is my most important tool.  The old days are out with pen & pad but they still cone in handy from time to time.  I have to revert back in spells.  Phone going off with texts and emails…oh calls too.  And when I don’t lose my train of thought…that’s what you call a GOOD DAY.

woman desk 2

Yea, I’m feeling myself but it isn’t me.  It’s God.  He’s lining things up and they’re falling into place.  He always does it and I have the audacity to doubt him.  Bye Felicia (to myself)! As he does what he does, my spirit is being lifted, I feel like I can do this, I can really do this, feel like superwoman but it’s my inner being that’s fed.  See we can’t do anything without God.  My brain is functioning properly (at least I think it is), I’m motivated and hopeful that my work will pan out smoothly and it’s not me.  It’s all Him.  It’s easy to take the credit (devil playing mind games) but He (God) sure has a way of showing me who gets the glory in this thang here.  Things can crash and become stressful at the drop of a dime.  So right now, I’m great…because of my Maker.  And to him I say, TYJ (Thank you Jesus)!

woman desk 3


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