What does He require?

I’ve been wondering what God wants from me?  I’m no dummy but something is going on in my head.  I’m at a stage in life where I want more from myself but I do want it to line up with my purpose, what God requires of this ole’ life of mine.  There is some confusion and of course that’s not of God.  So it’s safe to say that the devil may very well be at work a bit on my mind.  If he can get the mind he can’t get the body, basically he’ll get it ALL.  Here come the fight! The spiritual fight. Ohhhhh I’ve been fighting.  Not so much spiritually.  Well that’s not true cuz if I wasn’t, I’d be in jail right now.  But I know there’s more I can be doing.  Like staying off my phone (apps) and off the dvr (love my shows honey).  Those are my vices.  I need more bible time.  How can I possibly fight the devil and myself without the word of God??? It’s impossible.  I have to build that spiritual muscle to pack a punch against the weapons forming against me. Duh!  But easier said than done right?  Will I put forth the effort?  Shame on me for knowing what to do and not doing it.  I’m my own worst enemy.  Also…fasting.  I need more power! Power, power, power!  Not my own power.  Power from on high!  That power that’s breaks shackles and strongholds.  That power that will move mountains in my life.  And building my faith to know that Jesus loves me for real and will give me the desires of my heart.  My fault for not doing what it takes to grab on the Him. Smh.  And then the complaints.  Can’t complain.  It’s all on me.  Now I’m not saying I won’t complain, but I shouldn’t.  I see me and what I don’t see I’m asking God to reveal it through dream, vision, person, an epiphany (hope that’s the right term) however, just show me me.  I gotta grow.


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